Instagram Week One

Welcome To Instagram!  


Instagram has over 800 million monthly active users, is extremely popular among teenagers, and 75% of Instagram users take action after visiting a post. This makes Instagram a great weapon to have in your social media arsenal. So, how do you set up an Instagram account? We’ll show you how in this post.

First, let’s say you already have an Instagram account, but you don’t want it to be public, it’s kind of hard to promote your cause if your posts are only visible to family and friends, if this is the case, then you can always open a second linked account. 

Do this by going to your profile, tapping settings, scrolling down until you see the words, add account, and from then setting up your new account exactly the same way you set up the original. Botta Bing, Botta Boom. Now, you can skip the rest of this post and wait for our next Instagram posts: Part 2: How and what to post on Instagram, Part 3: How to use hashtags and stories on Instagram, And Part 4: How to increase your Instagram following

  • Step One: Install the APP on your mobile device. Instagram is meant to happen from the palm of your hand, for this reason, they make it ridiculously hard to post photos from your browser. This doesn’t mean you are only allowed to upload photos taken with your phone, if you want to edit something on your laptop, go ahead, then download it to your phone for Instagram uploading. 
  • Step Two: Sign up and follow the prompts. You will need to use either your email or cell phone number to sign up, from there Instagram will help you choose a username and password. Assuming you are creating your account to further your cause, pick a username related to your goals. In the example, I’m creating a fake Instagram account for someone who wants to raise money for a children’s literacy program in Salt Lake City, so I chose the username kidsliteracysaltlake, it’s memorable and you immediately get a sense of the account’s purpose when you see it.

Your screen will now prompt you to link your account with Facebook, this is a great way to get started following friends and encouraging them to follow you. ** what that service has access to, if it can post to your account, and who can see those posts. On their own, these aren’t dangerous (unless you’re worried about services collecting your data), but they do have the potential to get annoying. Please note however, that if you log in with Facebook, you are opening the door to granting them access to your account—like you’re showing them the secret back gate to get in—but you can close that gate at any time. They don’t get the keys to the house, they just know where the door is. This means if the third-party site is compromised, your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account aren’t (although the services you grant access to can continue to post, read, or whatever else on your behalf if you don’t cut that off). You’re also granting apps and webapps access to your data. Calendar apps, address books, music services, and anything that uses your social network to provide news commonly do this. When you sign up for a service, you’re taken to your Facebook, Google, or Twitter page and shown 

Create a Profile Photo, just like with your username you’ll want something that relates to your cause. If my cause was to sell bracelets that raise money for the local soccer club, I might choose a photo of a soccer ball, for my bookstagram account, I’ll choose something book oriented, like this photo I took of my journal a few weeks ago. Pick a photo that is sharp, simple, and looks good in thumbnail form. If you don’t want to take your own photo, make sure that you’ve got the rights to the photos you use. There are a lot of free stock photos available online at websites like, or my personal favorite,

  • Step Three: Now that you’ve finished the automatic prompts, click on edit profile and fill it with information; your website, a short bio, and if applicable a phone number. When you’re done click the check mark in the top right corner. If you ever want to change your username, this is the place to do that.
  • Step Four: From your profile page click on the three dots in the top right corner and scroll down until you find account privacy, click on it and make sure the slider is off, you won’t get much reach if the only people who can see, find, or comment on your posts are people you already know. 

  • Step Five: Follow people, you can find people to follow by clicking on linked accounts in settings and automatically following the same people you interact with on your other social media sites, or you can search use the @ sign and names that make sense to your cause. You don’t have to follow an absurd number of people, but you do need to start interacting with others and it’s a lot easier to do that when you follow them. 

Congratulations! You’ve now got a working Instagram account! Next time we’ll show you how and what to post so you can reach others interested in the same good causes you love. You are on your way, and we want to see you soar!  Follow along to the next lesson!