Instagram Week Two

Welcome To Instagram!  


You’ve got your newly minted Instagram account and you’re ready to dip your toes in the world of visual social media. But how? And even more puzzling what? In this post we’ll show you step by step how to create a post and then follow up with some tips on what kind of content will make your account stand out. 

Step 1: Open your Instagram app and look for the square with a plus sign. It should be at the bottom middle of your screen. Click on it. (Don’t use your computer here.  It is not friendly)

Step 2: The next step will vary slightly depending on your phone, but Instagram will give you the option of either taking a photo/video or picking one from your gallery. For this example, let’s assume you already have a photo ready in your gallery. You can now either scroll through your photos and click on one of them, or press select multiple and choose to place several photos into one post. Here, I’ll click on a photo of a sketch I did last night.

Step 3: Click Next on the top right side of your screen. Now you can either edit or add filters by pressing the appropriate buttons. This photo is a little dark, so I’ll click on edit and bump up the brightness. Scroll through the options and edit your photo however you want, once satisfied, 

click Next, again in the top right corner. 

Step 4: This leads you to the share screen where you can add a caption and hashtags that will help people discover your photo. If you aren’t sure about hashtags, stay tuned, we’ll do a future post that goes into more detail about exactly what the number sign is up to these days. 

Press Share found in the top right corner of your page. You’re officially an Instagrammer! Congrats.

So, that explains the basics of how to share, but the real question is what? What do I share?

Firstly, share things that are both important to you and relevant to your cause. You’ve opened a themed account, and your content needs to reflect that. A pizza post, followed by a happy dog, followed by your grandkids playing in the sprinklers would just confuse potential followers. 
Let’s say your cause is children’s literacy. Share posts about children’s books, create images with interesting stats related to reading, show the progress you’re making with your goals. All these kinds of things are relevant to your account. Bonus points if you can post something that is both relevant and helpful to your followers. In our example of a children’s literacy account many of our followers would be parents, grandparents, or others who care about kids, so we could create posts that give hints about encouraging reluctant readers, book lists for various age groups, or how to find challenging books for early readers. Remember, people follow you because you give them value. Make every post valuable and the followers will come. Next up: How to use hashtags and Instagram Stories!  Stay tuned!