Over two decades ago, when I went into business, I started out from scratch. My first project on the internet was selling T-shirts. The date was 1996, and the internet was fairly new to most people. On the shirts were sketches, just sketches. I didn’t even have a way to take payments online! I simply took emails with names, addresses, and said, “Just send me a payment.” Within weeks I was designing graphics and I brought on a partner, my son.

A few days later we made our very first sale (less than $10) and with a tremendous amount of excitement we ran up the stairs, of my parent’s basement, with our hands in the air screaming, “We’re gonna be rich!” Believe it or not, we grew that business to $320,000 in a year and sold it. Since then we have opened several internet businesses and have been in the INC. 500. Over the years we have been gratefully fortunate to earn a substantial amount of money. Along the way we have always believed in abundance. The truth is that the more we have given to others, the more we have received. Now I want to give back, and I want to help others do the same. This is one of the reasons why I have formed “MasterSocialMediaToday.com.”
Dave Brandley, CEO MasterSocialMediaToday.com

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