Advantages of Using Facebook Live

By now, we’ve established the fact that Facebook is an incredibly popular and user friendly platform that allows for you to connect with other users all around the globe. Whether you are connecting through groups, pages, and friends, keeping in contact with others has never been easier before. Facebook lives are another way in which you are able to connect and share with other Facebook users that you share common interests with. 

In recent years, videos have become increasingly popular across various social media sites, as they attract and retain viewers more so than photos and other types of posts. With a higher engagement and retention rate, it is no surprise that more and more users are implementing videos into their Facebook and marketing strategies. When it comes to videos you have options: pre-recorded videos or starting a Facebook Live.  

While a pre-recorded video might be easier because you have the ability to refilm as many times as you need and to edit out bloopers, add special effects, and captions as needed before posting to your Facebook account. Whereas a Live isn’t nearly as forgiving as you have one chance to get it right on the first try. With a live video, there will be bloopers, there will be nerves, and there could possibly be technical difficulties. Even with all the possibilities that could go wrong or could happen on a Live, there are some benefits from going live versus pre-recording and posting a video to your profile that make it all worth it.  

These benefits will make it so that you’ll want to go live on Facebook if you haven’t, and once you’ve gone live for the first time, you’ll want to continue going live! If you’re ready to learn how going live can benefit you, keep reading and find out why you need to include Facebook Lives into your social media strategy instead of continuing to post pre-recorded videos. 

Easier to Connect to Followers and Build Relationships 

One of the biggest, if not the biggest reasons why you need to consider going live on Facebook is that you will have the ability to easily connect with your followers through a live video. This is achieved through the ability to interact and engage with followers on a more intimate level throughout the live; answering questions, and communicating in real-time, builds relationships between you and your followers by establishing a level of trust and loyalty. 

You are able to build these relationships, trust, and loyalty because your live videos are not going to be filtered or edited in any way. They will showcase the real and authentic you, your businesses, or group. Because they are not scripted or edited in any way, viewers will be able to have a real face-to-face interaction with you and get a sense of who you are and what you represent. 

In addition to building a relationship among your followers, live videos also promote interaction between followers. The more lives that you host, the more “regulars” you’ll have who tune into every live event. Having followers who tune into every live stream, can prove to be a valuable asset as they recommend your videos to others, and can possibly answer questions from new viewers. 

In addition to promoting conversations, a live video can gain upwards of 6 times more interactions than pre-recorded videos. One of the main explanations for the increase in interactions between live and pre-recorded videos is that those who are viewing a live video in real-time want to engage and interact, and be a part of the moments as they are happening, not only with you but with other viewers as well. 

As the host of Facebook Live, you can encourage interaction and fostering of relationships by inviting or maybe incentivizing viewers to leave a comment and interact throughout the duration of the live. Some host of Facebook Lives, host giveaways for those who share their video, or leave a comment to increase the interaction. The more often you go live and encourage dialogue to happen throughout your live, the more relationships you’ll build and friends you’ll make along the way. 

Provide Information Immediately  

Because Facebook Lives takes place in real-time they are a great way for you to provide time-sensitive information, updates to hours of operation or services, product launches, etc. When this information needs to get passed to your followers, and you elect to do so via Facebook Live you are able to provide additional details, explanations and show your enthusiasm for the changes. 

Oftentimes when changes or announcements need to get passed to your followers, there are often questions that arise. When you make these announcements via Facebook Live, you can answer these questions, providing exceptional customer support, that can eliminate any confusion or misunderstanding that may arise. 

In addition to providing information to your followers, you can gain some important insights about your followers. This information will be a good indication of what your followers like and don’t like when watching your live videos. This is information that you can learn while you are live and interacting with your followers, providing immediate feedback. Knowing what works with your audience, and what your audience likes to see can help you to continue to have successful Facebook Lives moving forward. Knowing what resonates with your audience and what they expect to see from you, will make your time on Facebook Live more successful. 

Videos are More Desirable 

Video content is more desirable to viewers because it is easier to digest than text-heavy content. Video content is more digestible, meaning it is easier for viewers to remember and recall at a later time. In fact, videos on Facebook are so desirable that 100 million hours every single day are spent watching videos on Facebook. 

Part of the reason why videos are so desirable is that viewers are able to be entertained while watching your video. Whether you are demonstrating a new product, filming a how-to, or providing important information, you are able to not only share what you have prepared but you are able to have a conversation with your viewers and answer any questions that they might have. It is the conversations and interactions that make Facebook Lives so different from other posts and desirable for viewers to participate in. 

Reach a Larger Audience 

Currently, Facebook has 2.7 Billion active users. What that means for you is that your Facebook Lives have the ability to reach a very large audience compared to other platforms. The larger the audience that you are able to reach, the more brand awareness and visibility you’ll receive. The more eyes that you can get to view your videos, the more followers you can attract. 

The statistics for Facebook are staggering, with the number of videos, viewers, and watch time doubling or even quadrupling from year to year is staggering. What all these statistics illustrate is that Facebook users have accepted and even come to expect Facebook Lives into their daily social media experience. 

With so many views, it goes without saying that you’re able to reach a larger audience simply by going live instead of posting a pre-recorded video. With a larger audience viewing your video, you’re gaining more followers and brand awareness that you might not get otherwise. Even though you might be nervous or unsure about going live, it is going to be worth it just to see how large of an audience you are able to reach. 

Make Your Mark 

Not only are videos more desirable to viewers, and a great way for you to build relationships. But, you are going to need to make your Facebook Lives something that your audience is going to watch to watch and share with their followers. Studies have found that 80% of viewers can recall videos that they’ve seen on Facebook within the past thirty days. After watching a video, approximately 26% then look for additional information on the product, service, company, or news that was shared during the video. Once viewers have learned more information, 12% made a purchase based on what they saw during the Facebook Live. 

All of these statistics are important, especially if you are a business who is trying to sell new products to your Facebook followers. Facebook Lives are your opportunity to make your mark and showcase all the positive aspects that you want your followers to see. Not only will you be able to increase brand awareness, but you’ll also get content that rates higher than other types of content on Facebook. Sure, a lot of other accounts are also investing their time into hosting a Facebook Live, but this is your chance to make your own individual mark while standing out with a unique and different take on hosting a live-streamed event. 

When you include Facebook Lives into your marketing and social media strategy it will pay off. Whether you are trying to gain new followers, build a brand, promote or sell a product, Facebook live will be beneficial to you. The more often that you go live, the more relationships you’ll be able to build and grow with your followers, which in turn can result in building more relationships as you continue to gain new followers. 

Going live on Facebook can be intimidating, especially if you’ve not done it before, but try to overcome the nerves and jitters. The relationships that you can and will build from consistently going live will help to ease your fear or being live, as you’ll soon be having a conversation with friends and not complete strangers. It is through these relationships that you’ll continue to grow your brand, making your time on Facebook worthwhile and something that you start to look forward to. 

In addition to building and fostering online relationships, you’ll have a direct line of communication to your followers to keep them updated with the latest news and products that are important to you and your brand. There are countless benefits that come from implementing Facebook Lives into your schedule, and make Facebook start to work for you. Get creative and find a system that works for you, with all the advantages that come from going live on Facebook it will be worth learning how to be successful using Facebook Live and building a reputation of being entertaining and knowledgeable. Give Facebook Live a try and see how much fun they can be! 

Author:  Ashley Christensen