Blogging: Step 3 Tutorial

4 Steps to Promoting a Cause Through Blogging: Step Three

Writing About Your Cause


Writing is a very important step in promoting your cause and blogging is a great platform to use to help you write about and share your cause. When you start writing for your blog, there are two places you can go to do that. First, where I mentioned before, from the landing page you can click on the “Write” button at the top right-hand corner. When you click on that button it will take you to the page where you can start a new post. Or from the landing page, you can go to the menu on the left-hand side of your blog and click on the “add” button next to the Blog Posts option. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Now, actually writing about your blog can be tricky, especially if you haven’t ever really written consistently before. The most important aspect when writing in your blog about your cause is to include as much information that you feel the reader should know about your cause. Think about your audience. Who do you want to read about your cause? Your neighbors, your friends, your mayor? Whoever it is, think about those people and write to them. Keeping the audience in mind is a great writing tool. So when you’re writing, always keep your audience in mind and include as much information as you think the reader needs to know. Creating an “about” page or introductory blog post would be helpful too so that your reader can understand your cause. Also adding a motto or ‘tagline’ as we talked about in step 2 under your “settings” option on the left-hand side will also help your readers to know what your goals are. For example, I came across a blog for a nonprofit organization helping refugees. Their tagline was “We provide humanitarian aid to refugees, both home and abroad. No politics, simply humanitarian.” It was simple yet memorable. It was like a short and efficient mission statement. So adding information like that can help your readers to easily know who you are, what you’re about, and what your cause is about.  

blog taglines

There are several ways to write about your cause. First, I would suggest you share updates about your cause. If you have a new location or if you’ve added more people to your cause. Give your reader an understanding of your cause and what your day to day looks like. Keeping people informed about your blog and any updates helps people feel like they are part of something. Especially if anyone has donated money to your cause, keeping them updated on your blog helps them feel like they didn’t waste their money. The second, and I feel one of the most important ways to write about your cause is by sharing stories. Share stories about what you are doing and the people you’ve helped. People love hearing and sharing stories, so any true stories about those that have been helped by your cause or changed by participating in your cause would be a great thing to write about and promote your cause. The last suggestion I would have when writing about your cause is writing about tips on how to get involved. Even if it’s not specifically in your organization but still promotes your cause, share tips on ways that they can get involved in your cause.


Finally, when writing about your cause, it is important to remember to add media to your blog posts. Most people are visual learners and in today’s social media-heavy world, pictures and videos are how we communicate these days. So if you have pictures or videos of your cause I would highly suggest adding them to your posts. Capture videos of volunteers working or shipments of supplies. Take photos of the new t-shirts that just arrived or take pictures of how worn out your shoes are because of all the running around and hard work you’re doing. Really anything to give a visual example of your cause. Videos of three minutes or less are best to catch your viewers’ attention. But adding media to your blog is a great way to promote your cause.  Some people warn against oversharing but that’s not the case here when it comes to your cause. Sharing with your readers all that you are doing, even if it seems mundane can help your readers to feel included. I mean, you don’t need to share what your cat had for dinner, that’s oversharing. But at least when it concerns your cause or organization, sharing is caring.


Congratulations on finishing step 3! You can now start writing about your cause!