How to Gain Followers: Pinterest

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Pinterest is a unique yet fascinating social media platform that is fluid. With a vast number of daily users and an active community constantly adding new pins and content there is always something new and something for everyone. Whether you are looking for DIY projects you can accomplish in a weekend, or are looking for a new recipe to try, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from by simply searching Pinterest. 

Because it is such a fluid platform, gaining new followers is important but in different ways than you might think. New pins are being added constantly, which means that there are always new ideas and new followers to discover. With Pinterest not only are the reasons for growing your following different from other social media sites, but the way you grow your following is also different. 

You’re already spending a lot of time on Pinterest, might as well take advantage of that time, and reap the rewards. If you’re ready to learn how to grow your following on Pinterest, let’s get started! 

Why Do You Need to Grow Your Following? 

Compared to other social media sites, the reason why you need or want to grow a following on Pinterest is different. Instead of seeing the number of followers that you have on Pinterest as your audience, instead, think of the number of followers you have as the gateway to your audience. Essentially what this means is that the followers that you do have, will see your Pins, and will hopefully repin them so that their followers see them, thereby getting your content in front of an even larger audience. 

Pinterest is used by more than 320 million people to find and discover inspiration, save those ideas and inspiration for later. While most users are repinning the ideas that they find for personal use in the future, everything that they repin to a public board is then visible to their followers on their homepage. This results in pins having an almost unlimited number of views which can ultimately lead to more repins and follows. On average a pin is repinned 11 times! That is a lot of exposure from one simple pin that you created. 

While having a good following on Pinterest is a good thing, followers are just one step in the equation of getting exposure and spreading your pins all across Pinterest for all to see. Here are a few ways in which you can utilize Pinterest to gain followers and attract more views to your content. 

Create Your Own Pins

A staggering 80% of pins on Pinterest are repins, which means that it is important for you to create your own pins to throw into the mix. When you create your own pin that is new in the world of Pinterest, it helps your pin to stand out from the crowd of all the other pins that have been shared and repinned over and over again. 

New pins can include infographics, photos, quotes, memes, original images, etc. that relate to your website, or brand. Pinterest likes new, “fresh” pins that haven’t been seen before, so it is worth taking the time to create new and original pins to get noticed and stand out from the thousands of other pins circulating Pinterest daily. 

Repin Other Content 

It is great to create and pin your own content, but if you want to get noticed by more people, you’re going to need to also repin content from other users. When you repin other pins on Pinterest, you’re going only gaining exposure from sharing the pin, but it is also a great way to get noticed by the creator of the pin. 

It is good to repin other content, but it is even better if you change the description on the pin, making it your own with your keywords. When you repin others’ content to one of your Pinterest boards, it brings awareness to your account and your business. Hopefully, when you repin from another account, the creator of the account will return the favor by following your account. 

There is some strategy that goes into repinning content, other than simply pushing “repin” on every pin that you come across. Start by asking yourself the following questions to help you determine if you should repin or not. 

  • Will my followers find this pin valuable? 
  • Are my followers likely to repin this? 
  • Who am I repinning from? Could they potentially have an interest in my account and follow me? 
  • How many times has this been repinned? 

Answering these questions can help you to ensure that the pins that you’re repinning from other accounts will add value to your account and be information that your current followers can benefit from. When you provide content that adds value, you will retain current followers while attracting new ones. 

Follow Other Accounts

When you follow others on Pinterest, others are more likely to follow you in return. Think of following on Pinterest as the same as adding friends on Facebook. When you find other accounts that you want to follow, even if it is only a few accounts, following those accounts is better than waiting for others to find and follow you.

Find other accounts that post similar content to you, that you could potentially repin to your account. When you find accounts to follow, you are choosing to have their pins show up in your feed, which can in turn help you to find more accounts to follow. 

Use Keywords In Descriptions 

How you pin a pin, either a new pin or a repin, is just as important as what it is you are actually pinning. This is your chance to use keywords that are being searched for on Pinterest in your descriptions so that your pins can be discovered. If you aren’t sure what keywords to include with your pins, do a simple search in Pinterest and see what keywords bring up the most results based on the keywords that you use to search. 

It is going to be in your best interest to use keywords that people are actually searching for and not just want you want people to search for. You’re taking the time to create a new pin or to repin content, make sure you are including relevant keywords that will get your content discovered. 

Be Active on Pinterest

Pinterest is like all the other social media platforms out there, it will only work for you and grow in response to the time and effort that you put into it. A whopping 66% of active users on Pinterest claim that they use Pinterest as a medium to save ideas for later. When you are actively using Pinterest by creating new pins and repinning other pins, you’re creating content that active users are looking for and wanting when they come to Pinterest. 

An active account will make it easier for users to find and follow along, as you are continuing to add pins to your boards. Make sure that the pins that you are adding to your board, are adding value and not just adding pins simply to add pins. An active account shows that you are currently using Pinterest, which is an attractive element when trying to attract new followers to your account.  Put in the work to have an active account and the followers will come.  

Make Website Pinterest Friendly 

Another way to get more followers on Pinterest is to make your website Pinterest friendly. This is done by including a “Pin It” button to your website, where visitors can pin content directly from your website to their Pinterest board. Not only are visitors to your website able to save the content they find on your website to refer back to later, but they are also able to pick a photo that speaks to them and stands out. 

When you make your website more Pinterest friendly, it eliminates the possibility of your content being seen but not saved for future reference. Having a “Pin It” button, not only draws traffic to your website, but it also increases your chances of gaining new followers on Pinterest as well. This is also a great way to let your customers and visitors to your website know that you are on Pinterest as well, which is an open invitation to follow along with your Pinterest journey. 

Make Your Boards Have Enough Pins 

Once you have put in the work to get attention to your boards and the content that you are creating, you are going to need to give your followers more to keep them engaged and wanting to stay around. Boards that only have a couple of pins, don’t provide followers with a good sense of what that board is going to showcase. If you want to give followers a real sense of the type of content that you’ll be sharing and pinning to your boards, you’ll want to have a minimum of 20-30 pins per board. 

Pinterest is a super fun and helpful resource that has thousands of views daily. With its constant evolution of pins, it’s important to consistently create new pins for your unique content. It is equally as important for you to repin and share content from other users to grow your following. 

As with any other social media platform, growing a following on Pinterest is going to take time and work on your part. By implementing the tips mentioned here, you’ll be setting yourself up to have a successful experience on Pinterest. Make sure you are having fun and enjoying the time that you are spending on Pinterest so that you’ll continue to use the platform and grow a following. Enjoy exploring other pins that have been created by others that are relevant to what you have to offer. Provide your followers with a good mix of your own original pins along with pins from other sources to be well rounded and all-encompassing. When you are broad in the content that you are pinning and sharing, it will attract more followers as you are providing them a good selection of information to view and sort through to find what fits them and their needs. Have fun exploring all that Pinterest has to offer and happy pinning! 

Author: Ashley Christensen