How to Gain Followers: Twitter

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We’ve all heard of Twitter and seen how easy it is for you and to get the latest information. With its fast-paced tempo and a growing number of followers, it is considered to be the easiest social media platform for you to grow a following from scratch. 

Twitter has increased in popularity in recent years, which means it is important that you know how many followers you have, and how to attract more. The number of followers that you have on your Twitter account, is a direct correlation of your organic reach on Twitter’s timeline, and a direct reflection of your credibility. The more followers you have means that you tweet out factual information and not myths that sound too good to be true. Therefore, it should be no surprise why so many people are eager and possibly even desperate to increase their Twitter following as quickly as possible. 

There is more to the equation than just attracting new followers by posting great content, you’re also going to need to be sure that you are following other accounts in return. In fact, many users will view the number of followers you have compared to the number of accounts you follow when deciding if you are worth following or not. In fact, on average you will only have a total of 6 seconds to entice someone to follow you. 

Read on to learn what you need to do to attract new followers to your Twitter account and grow your following organically and quickly! 

Followers vs. Following Ratio

This is your first, and possibly only chance to convince users that you are worth following on Twitter. After glancing through your bio and seeing your picture, the next thing that potential followers care to know is the number of followers you have compared to the number of people following you. 

Woman showing a Twitter icon

Accounts that are following a significant number of accounts more than they have followers is often a red flag. This simple ratio oftentimes indirectly is telling potential followers that while you follow a vast array of accounts, few if any of them found your account to be interesting or worth following back. Another message that having your ratio swing more one way than the other, is that you will follow just about anyone, where you actually like what is being shared or not. Finally, when the number of accounts that you follow outnumbers the number that actually follows you, can raise the question of the validity of your account. Are you an actual human running the account or are you a spam bot? 

The exact opposite can be true too, if you follow a few select accounts that you really connect with, and have a significant number of followers, it can tell potential followers that you are interesting enough and worth following. Either way, the pendulum swings in regards to your followers vs following ratio, be sure you pay attention and don’t let it get way out of balance one way or the other. 


Using hashtags in your Tweets to gain new followers should come as no surprise! Twitter is known as the birthplace of hashtags, which explains why they are so popular and common in tweets. Think of hashtags as your own personal SEO for your Twitter account. The hashtags that you use should be searchable and relatable to what your tweet is about. 

Hashtags are a great way to find new followers because they link your tweet with other tweets that use the same hashtags. This helps you to get discovered by new followers who are already following accounts who post similar content as you. Not only do hashtags help you to get noticed by new followers but they also make it easier for you to find other accounts that post similar content as you, giving you the ability to connect and follow similar accounts. 

As with all other social media platforms, you’ll want to be mindful of the hashtags that you decide to use, and don’t go crazy with them. Find hashtags that are trending and relevant to the topic you are tweeting about, but don’t use every hashtag that you can find. Too many hashtags can take away from the message that you are sharing and looks spammy. Use Twitter’s analytics to find the top-performing hashtags for your particular niche and utilize the most appropriate ones to get noticed.  

Post Consistently 

There isn’t much worse than finding an account that you want to follow, only to discover that it hardly ever has new content and the content that is there is old and outdated. Active accounts that have new content posted regularly are more likely to attract new followers than stagnant accounts that only post occasionally. 

Not only do you need to be posting consistently, many Twitter experts believe that to be successful on Twitter, but you’ll also need to be more aggressive with your marketing strategy than you are on other social media platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram. In order to maximize engagement on your tweets and reach the largest audience possible, you’re going to want to send out a new tweet multiple times a day! It is recommended that you find the sweet spot of tweeting anywhere from three to seven times a day! Some more aggressive accounts may need to tweet anywhere from 15 to 20 times a day! Until you know for sure how your audience will respond and what your “sweet spot” will be, err on the side of caution and tweet more rather than less, so as to appear active and engaged, rather than reserved. 

Just because you should be tweeting multiple times a day, doesn’t mean that you should be sending out tweets just to tweet something. Find relevant news stories, industry articles, buzzworthy stats, personal updates, and other such tidbits that your audience wants to see. 

Visual Content 

As with most other social media platforms, tweets that include a visual element, receive more likes, shares, and retweets than those without visual content. Your visual content can include a simple colorful preview of a blog post either form your own website or from a credible source. A GIF or meme is a common practice among many brands that are active on Twitter. Videos are extremely popular and are six times more likely to be shared and retweeted than any other type of visual content. Infographics are similar to videos in that they are a popular medium that is shared three times more often than other visual content. Visuals break up the text and attract the eye, so when it is appropriate, try including some form of a graphic or visual to help your tweet stand out and get noticed. 

Engage with Comments, Tags, and Replies 

You’ve put in all the work to create content that engages followers and attracts new followers, so it is going to be important that you continue to engage with your followers. When you take the time to respond to comments and questions from your followers, they will notice and appreciate that you took the time to connect with them, and will continue to follow you. 

Additionally, when potential followers are scrolling through your tweets and see that you take the time to connect with your followers, it shows that your account is run by humans and not by bots. When possible, take the time to write out more thoughtful responses than just a simple one-word reply to help get more eyes on your account, and more followers to engage within future posts. 

Not only should you be taking the time to respond to comments that are on your tweet, but you should also tag other accounts. These accounts can be in the same niche as you or simply accounts that you like and follow. When you tag other accounts, it is a popular way for accounts to show some love to other accounts, while getting you noticed by potential followers. 

Similarly, when you tag another account, many will return the favor and tag you back. When you get tagged in a tweet from a different account, it gives you a good idea of who is looking at your content and who is sharing your content. If you want to get tagged by other accounts, start by tagging others yourself. 


Retweeting goes along with the same reasons why you should respond to comments and questions and tag others in your tweets. You are getting old and new eyes on your account! Twitter makes it so easy for you to retweet posts that you’ve shared previously, or from another Twitter account. While it is so easy to simply hit the “retweet” button and continue scrolling, it is a good idea to add your own comment to the tweet, making it your own. 

When you retweet content, either your own or someone else’s, it keeps your account active and growing. New tweets can gain you, new followers, by exposing your account to others through hashtags and retweets of other users’ tweets. While you shouldn’t strictly retweet to gain new followers, it doesn’t hurt to retweet when you find something that you really want to share, so long as you add your own commentary to the tweet. 

Twitter is a fast-paced platform that gaining new followers is easier than on other social media platforms. Whether you are new to the world of Twitter and just starting out to build a following, or you’re experienced and wanting to add followers to your Twitter family, it is doable and enjoyable. You’re already spending time on Twitter, might as well make that time worth it, by creating engaging tweets that your current follower and potential followers will enjoy seeing. Giving your potential followers a reason to follow you over other accounts, and keep delivering what it is that attracted your followers, to begin with. 

Experiment with these different tips and see what ones work for you and bring you more followers. Keep an active account and never stop posting original content, with a few retweets thrown in every now and again. Twitter is a fun platform, so have fun with it! Engage with others and start building relationships and a community that you are proud of!  

Author: Ashley Christensen