How to Increase Social Media Following

Master Social Media Today - Social media Tips and Tricks

A Summary of Tips:

  • Find Influencers in your niche. There is a tool called BuzzSumo that you can search for influencers in your sphere. As you share their content, tag them, or mention them, they are more likely to follow you back and share your content.
  • Put Social Media Share buttons EVERYWHERE!!
  • Every once in a while ask your email list to follow you on social.
  • Link to social media on Contact and About Us pages.
  • Fanpage Karma is a tool that can help you recognize what your most popular content is.
  • Be very responsive.
  • Hold a contest/giveaway when milestones like 500 fans/likes/etc.
  • Tell stories, they are more likely to be shared than promotional content.
  • Use a tool like to find relevant and trending hashtags.
  • Use a tool like Post Planner to help you find images and content that has gone viral so you can replicate it.
  • Cross promote with a complementary company.
  • Humor is great and gets more sharing overall.
  • Share others content, and they will be more likely to share yours back.
  • Quality, not Quantity, especially on Instagram. You need to stand out from the over 20 Billion photos shared on that platform.
  • Be relatable.
  • Cross promote your own social accounts.
  • Don’t over hashtag. Use relevant ones for your business.
  • Make it as easy as possible for others to share your content.
  • Before boosting/promoting, make sure there is a call to action to your website.

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