Jennifer Garner Shows that GRATITUDE Increases your Beauty Within AND Without

Do you ever notice a particularly beautiful woman? Perhaps you have a favorite actress whom you gush over (under your breath so nobody will know your Hollywood CRUSH)! Don’t feel bad, we all have them and it’s OK to admit it! My crush is Jennifer Garner, and here’s why! This natural beauty not only rocks in roles like Electra, Alias, and Daredevil, but she is so down to earth! Her life these days centers around her three children who range in ages from 13 to 7. Oh, and did I also mention that although they are her world, Jennifer also changes the world around us? Talk about a woman who shows gratitude!

Jennifer is an Ambassador for Save the Children. This organization provides both relief and support for children in rural American as well as around the world. She is also the Co-Founder of an organic baby food company called “Once Upon A Farm.” What is particularly amazing about this? It has begun to get WIC approval [WIC stands for Women, Infant, Child ]! This means that organic food can be purchased by those getting government assistance through WIC, and feeding those in need of the greatest nourishment. I say BRAVO Jennifer! In behalf of those around the world who can’t give you their gratitude, I will give you mine. I too was once the recipient of WIC services, and to know that there are role models like Jennifer who take a stance, well all I can do is try to make a difference too!

I also give her kudos for the thing that she says she is most grateful for. I mean, really… we ARE talking to a beautiful, (some say sexy) strong, woman who is not your average Jane. She has her kids, her career, her ambitions, and almost anything else you can think of. So what is it? At the top of her list, what does she have the most gratitude for? …… (I feel like there should be a drum roll here, like I am announcing an award for her at the Oscars) HER PARENTS!

Isn’t it refreshing to not hear a barrage about how wronged someone was by there folks? Jennifer thinks about her family every day, and I don’t just mean her kids! She loves her sisters, her parents, and she is grateful for her children. It is so nice to see good, old-fashioned GRATITUDE! You may not have a Hollywood star for a role model, but if you decide to look around for one, you couldn’t do much better than Ms. Garner. Thank you [Electra] for showing us that it is perfectly acceptable to have gratitude for FAMILY! You can put your name and handprints in my cement any time! I’ll send you my address.