Personal Messaging is Powerful Messaging

A 4 Week Course on Email and Text Promotion for Your Cause

Personal communication is essential for selling or promotion. Whether it’s service and charity or a business selling products, promotion through text and email can be a game changer. In this course, we will discuss the importance of using the mediums of text and email to promote and support your cause. In the first week, we will talk about the benefits of personal messaging and how it can lead to a better response for your cause. In the second week, we will discuss promoting through email–how it works and the benefits of using email to promote your cause. In the third week, we will go over promoting through text–how it works and the benefits of using texting to promote your cause. Finally, in the fourth week, we will talk about how to get started and what resources are out there to help.

Week 1: The Benefits of Personal Messaging and Communication

Promoting your cause on social media and billboards is a great way to get the word out there. However, there is a medium that is sometimes forgotten when it comes to furthering a cause; sending personal text messages and direct email promotions. Texting and emails can be a great resource for spreading the word about your cause and there are several steps you can take to use these resources in a way that can benefit your goals. Paul J. Meyer once said, “Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.” This is very true, especially when it comes to communicating with others about your cause. Communication, personal communication especially, is key. According to Forbes Magazine, 85% of customer-business relationships will be done through technology. So using email and text to personalize your marketing for your cause is a great way to utilize technology to work for you and your cause.

One of the greatest benefits of personal, private, or direct messaging and communication with people is that it’s instant. That’s what we desire these days–instant. Therefore, when it comes to communicating with people about your cause, sending an instant message is best. According to the website, instant communication is what can take your company to the next level. In an article by Cydney Hatch, they suggest many ways that direct messaging can grow your cause. Whether it’s through private messages on social media platforms or through private email or text messaging, instant messaging with followers can have a great impact. Hatch states, “Direct messaging takes this communication style to the next level, giving you the opportunity to reach out to people in ways you would not be able to otherwise: Instant connection!” That instant connection can make a big difference in promoting your cause.

Surprisingly, there are many ways to use personal messaging to promote a cause and a lot of times people do it wrong and end up looking like spam. Personal messaging, when done right, can have a great impact. So what are some things to do and not do when using personal messaging to promote your cause? First, it’s important that before you start messaging anyone privately, you are seen publicly. There is nothing that makes your cause seem shadier than a private message without a public image to back it up. That doesn’t mean you need to be as public or well known as Apple, but you should have information out there publicly (Facebook page, Webpage, etc) about your cause before you start promoting anything privately.

Second and finally, make sure that you have a targeted audience. Shooting in the dark can be helpful when it doesn’t matter what you hit. However, when promoting, it’s best to know where you want your promotion to go. Start by targeting your audience. Then shoot with a specific message in mind. In an article in CMS Wire, Kaya Ismail gives 6 rules that one can follow for direct message marketing. The article, titled The 6 Golden Rules of Direct Message Marketing, goes over some of the best ways to use direct messaging for promotion. Rule 2 discusses identifying your target audience, Ismail states, “Random doesn’t work for any marketing campaign, let alone direct messaging campaigns. They should be well researched, targeted and carried out with care.” I know that you’re excited to get your cause going but don’t just start sending personal messages. To correctly promote your cause takes careful planning and research.

As homework for this week I would suggest doing some research on your target audience and using this time to carefully plan the what and how of your direct messaging campaign. Check out the six rules from CMS Wire.


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