Pinterest: Step 1 Business Tutorial

An Intermediate Guide To Using 

For Business



Hello and welcome to the Intermediate Guide to Pinterest!  I hope you can navigate your way to a beautiful page, and ask that if you have questions, you feel free to reach out to me!  Let’s begin! I will be walking you through the basic steps of creating a business page, over the course of four weeks.

Once you have a personal business account, you may decide that you want to expand to include your business! The following chart shows just why Pinterest can really benefit you if you have a desire to grow your business!  Check it out!

Let’s get started!  The quicker we get you a business account on Pinterest, the quicker you MAKE MONEY!

Log in to your Pinterest account, at and then click on your picture, up in the top right- hand corner.  

A drop down screen will appear, which will allow you to select UPGRADE NOW.  You will then be directed to a screen which looks like the following. (This picture is only missing my personal information, but yours should look perfect)


You can select your business name.  Add a website, and finally open up what type of business you have!

I have purposely created a new website, so you can see what yours will look like when finished.  Notice that YOUR BUSINESS NAME appears at the top, and your website is included!



The great thing about Pinterest for Businesses is that you can closely monitor what is being seen.  

Up in the left hand corner of your screen you can see the ANALYTICS link.  

Using the analytics link, you can see an overview of your site, as well as adjust your profile, see who your audience is, and gain insight!  

It’s a terrific tool for expansion and growth!

NEXT, let’s take a look at what happens when you click on PROFILE!  

This screen will show you a graph of days and impressions of the views that you get on Pinterest!  The great thing I notice about this is that the work is already done! What business owner wouldn’t appreciate that!  Instant feedback!


I can also see exactly which Pins are seen!  Look at my next screen, and then compare it to yours!






If you open up the analytic link again, you will see this:  PEOPLE YOU REACH

This link will allow you to see the graph details of the way people engage with you.  

Mine looks like I have people starting to check in, which is just what I want!


The more I build my business site, the more people will look on my page!  I want to see that graph line go up and up and up!


Finally you have the link for audience insights!  

Today’s tutorial has taken you through the Analytic link for the business page!  In our next Tutorial, you will see a page on pinning for business! See you then!