Pinterest: Step 3 Tutorial

A Beginners Guide To


In the right hand corner, you will find the red PLUS BUTTON       

 When you click on this, it will open up with CREATE PIN.



You will see a screen now, that looks like the one below, and you can add your own picture, choose a board to put your pin to, and add a web site.

I have added a few fun things to this basic pin, and I will save it in my Books Board



There you have it, folks!  This week has been an overview of how to do a pin from your home page

  • Simply SAVE a pin which Pinterest has linked to your page to an existing board, or create a new board.
  • Secondly, we have learned how to create a Pin of our very own!  


As you practice these skills, you will become an expert on pinning!  I hope you will join me for WEEK FOUR, where we will discover how to PIN YOUR OWN PHOTOS & PIN FROM OTHER WEBSITES!